Phased Retirement: Longevity

Most of my posts here are meant to illustrate some facet of approaching your retirement in a thoughtful way. Usually my theme revolves around a ‘phased approach’ to retiring, which I believe helps by easing the transition from work to retirement.

Your ongoing health is obviously also a key factor in enjoying your retirement. So today I am relaying a special message about your health. It’s really a plea to you!

This is a powerful message from Sanjay Gupta, MD, Chief Medical Correspondent for CNN & trauma neurosurgeon. He was asked recently for his advice on better health and longevity.

Here’s his stark response (emphasis mine):

“The number of patients I see who go from having a normal day to the worst day in their lives because they decided to text while driving astounds me. Almost no other advice I can give you matters if you are still using tech while driving, because that will kill you.”

I wish you many ‘normal days.’ Please put your tech aside and don’t be distracted while driving.

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