Phased Retirement: Tap the Historians

And everyone in your life – including you – is a historian.

In terms of thinking about and preparing for your eventual retirement it’s helpful to read and do research. It’s helpful to work with professionals to plan for your financial needs, insurance, etc. All of that is certainly prudent.

But you have riches all around you that you can tap; those who have gone before you and have a unique experience that they can share.

Every person has had to make their own choices and live with them. And over the years, everyone can look back over their recollection of the past, even though their assessments may become fuzzy over time.

Talk to relatives and friends who’ve gone through (or are going through) the process of retirement. Was it what they expected? If not, what were some of the ‘curveballs’ that came their way and how did they deal with them? What would they do differently? What advice would they have for you?

Don’t ever look at someone and think, “I have nothing to learn from them.” You most certainly do! They may not be on the same path that you’re considering, but they can share their perspective and what’s worked well for them…and what didn’t go quite according to their plan.

Learn from both the good and the bad that others have to share. You’ll be richer for it.

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