Phased Retirement: Halftime Show

The more I read and learn and write about the process of retirement, the more intrigued I’ve become in discovering differing perspectives.  It’s pretty clear that there is not “one single way” to navigate retirement.

One of the resources I’ve enjoyed and taken many nuggets from is a book by Bob Buford titled, Halftime: Moving from Success to Significance.  One of my first learnings from his book was that this type of thinking is not new.  Buford first released this book in the mid-1990s, and then published an expanded 20th anniversary edition before his death in 2018.

Also, this rigorous and thoughtful approach to life later in our careers is not ‘fluffy.’  Buford enjoyed a 20+ year working relationship with management guru Peter Drucker, and the rigor of thinking and writing from Drucker’s influence comes through clearly.

The gist of the book is to offer insights and approaches for evaluating how we want to define our “second half” in life.  If your career is maturing (and you are too) this is a good review of identifying what’s important to you and then to define how best to really live.

His intent is that we should stay active and involved in the world.  In the Foreword, author Jim Collins wrote, “Do not read this book if you want to coast to the finish line.  But if you have a deep desire to be of use, to learn and to grow right up until the day you die, you’ll find Halftime an invigorating challenge.”

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