Phased Retirement: “Lousy” Goals

Andy Grove, the legendary CEO of Intel Corporation, was known for surprising up-and-coming staff with a phone call where he would bluntly quiz them about their career goals at Intel.

Most were so intimidated that they could barely speak.  Grove would famously close the conversation with, “Those are lousy answers.  Be in my office within two weeks with better ones.”

The demanding Mr. Grove at least gave second chances.  When you have a chance meeting with someone who could really help forward your lifetime goals for you, if you’re not prepared to articulate your desires then that opportunity may be gone forever.

You might be nodding your head in agreement, but study after study shows that less than 20% of people who acknowledge the desire to set career and life goals will ultimately take any action to do so.

So, I implore you to be a part of the minority and understand your direction and goals. Then seek out the people who can help you move in those directions.

You might find an opportunity to be a part of a non-profit board, work for a foundation, speak to a variety of groups, or play in a band!

You may not plan your retirement like you planned your career and the development of your skills and experiences.  And you certainly won’t get challenged by your boss or CEO on your retirement goals.

But be ready if you do get an opportunity to meet someone who can open doors for you.  Don’t have lousy goals.

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