Phased Retirement: Embrace Transition

My latest post dealt with the topic of change, and how changes in our lives can be hard to navigate and accept.  Even positively perceived changes may require us to move on from what’s been familiar to us for a long time.

In that post I pointed out that we should acknowledge that change can be hard to process, and that we should be aware of the specific changes that retirement can bring to our identity, our routine, our finances, etc.

Here, I’d like to shift the focus to actively embracing the retirement transition.

Think of your phased retirement as beginning today.  Start changing things in your life on a small scale so you get better at accepting ‘newness’ as something positive.  These really can be tiny things – like signing up for a weekly delivery of a meal kit that you can prepare.  Not only will you learn about the business model for delivery of fresh ready-to-prepare meals, but you’re also being open to new ways of cooking and new meals to enjoy.

Read something different than your typical fare.  Get a recommendation from a friend and listen to some different music. Download the Duolingo app and practice or learn another language.  Shake up your exercise routine – in moderation of course!

Start embracing these transitions now, because even small ones will help you to be open to the possibilities for growth that come from temporary discomfort.  Be okay with being new at something no matter your age or retirement status.

Let the notion of a phased approach to retirement help you lessen the impact of the transitions in your life by being able to adapt to change over time.

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