Retire Gradually: Two Things to Work on this Week

We have a great pastor at our church.  His sermons are typically very straightforward and not very long.  Maybe that’s why he’s popular?  But, they don’t need to be long to be impactful.  And, unlike many sermons I’ve heard, they’re even better – they’re actionable!

That’s because he often tells a story that paints a picture of a point he wants to make.  Sometimes humorous, sometimes very serious.  But he captures our attention on a topic.

Then he delivers the line I’m waiting for; “Here are two things for you to work on this week.”

Simple, direct, and clear.

So this post will be short…with a story and two things I’d like you to work on or consider this week. Because when you want to control your retirement by working less over time, you’ll need to have a strong personal brand and be known as someone who delivers on what they say.

The story is about 2 employees – and maybe you’ve worked with both of them?  One tracks commitments that she’s made to you and always delivers…or connects with you to renegotiate.  Some would say she has a high “say-do” ratio.  She does what she says she’s going to do when she says she’ll do it.  The other is vague; he says “Sure, I’ll send that file to you.”  But you notice he didn’t write it down or tell you when.  You probably think (based on experience) that he won’t follow up.  Again.

So, this weekend and this coming week, think about how YOU manage your commitments and therefore impact your personal brand?

This week be less concerned about “taking notes” in your meetings but do track the commitments you make.  Make sure you’re clear on what’s to be done and the date to do it.

Then track those commitments each day and meet them!  If you can’t meet one, reach out to the person to discuss and renegotiate the commitment.

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