Forget SMART goals…START goals!

A key part of planning a successful (slow) transition to retirement is setting goals. We’re accustomed to doing this for our work or our clients, but we’re not always so good at envisioning goals for ourselves. And yet we know it’s important.

Take some of the friction out of goal-setting. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming or over-complicated. It just has to be valuable for you.

Don’t worry about SMART goals. Just get a START on your goals! There’ll be plenty of time later to add specifics and dates – after you winnow down your list to what’s really important.

Financial goals are important and easy to measure, but they’re certainly not the only goals you should be thinking about. 

Just START. Begin by considering and jotting down ideas on Finances, Career Plans, Health, Relationships, Social or Spiritual involvement, and other categories that are important to you. As you fill this in and start thinking about the timing of the events your retirement picture will begin to take shape for you.

And yes, I’ve heard the old phrase that “…a goal without a plan is just a wish.” Well, show me a vision of retirement that did NOT start with a wish!

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